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Grooming advice


To help keep your dogs coat and skin in great condition, we offer free consultation and advice.


We are generally able to discuss most of your dog's grooming needs over the phone, but if you require specific advice on the best grooming tools and methods for grooming your pet, then it may be easier to bring your dog along to see us.




Benefits of regular grooming

We have found that dogs that come to us on a regular basis benefit from interim bath and or groom out. These make the dogs coat easier to manage as it has a thorough clean and brush, some people also have their dogs nails, eyes and feet trimmed at this time. It makes grooming at home easier for you and your pet.


We use natural pet friendly products that are kind to your pets coat and skin. If you have a particular shampoo or a medicated shampoo recomended by your vets for specific skin problem we will be happy to use this if you bring it along.


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The Dog Wash

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