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Grooming experience



With many years experience of working with dogs, we have learned that each dog is an individual, and we do everything that we can to make your family pets grooming experience calm and stress free.


We try to create a relaxed atmosphere where the dogs are allowed the freedom to wander around the grooming room while waiting their turn; although this may not suit all dogs, and some prefer the security of being away from the other dogs.


We also stagger our appointments to avoid dogs waiting around for too long as this can be stressful.

Nervous and difficult dogs


If you have a nervous or anxious dog please let us know when you book your appointment and we can discuss the best approach for your pet. This may mean booking a quieter time of day or making provision for the possible need for extra time or extra staff.


In extreme circumstances owners may be able to stay with their dog while it is groomed. This would need to be prearranged when booking, and the dog would need to be assessed beforehand.  There would be an extra fee for this.



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The Dog Wash

110 West Street, Oldland Common, Bristol  

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