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When should my puppy have their first groom?


Most puppies should have their first groom once they have completed their vaccinations (ideally around 14 to 18 weeks old). At this stage they are learning very quickly & it is the perfect time to introduce them to new experiences such as being bathed, brushed, dried, having their fur trimmed if needed, the noise of clippers & scissors as well as some time away from their owners in a kind & safe environment.


Before their first groom, it is a good idea to get your puppy familiar with being handled for grooming; the more your puppy is familiar with being handled, the easier the first groom will be & the easier it will be for you to groom them as they grow. This is something we can give advice for over the phone so you can get on the right track!


Many people wait until their puppy is over 6 months for their first groom, however, the sooner you familiarise them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. Introducing your puppy to grooming at a young age makes for a positive and rewarding experience!


Your puppy's first visit to The Dog Wash

All puppies vary. Some are outgoing, confident, full of fun & boisterous, whereas, others can be shy, timid & nervous! It is important for your puppy to have positive grooming experience, developing a trust between puppy & groomer.


Your puppy’s first visit should be relaxing and fun. We want your puppy to have a positive experience, lots of fuss, reward & encouragement. We would start with a bath, dry and groom which will be done at your puppy’s pace, giving as many cuddles as necessary. We will gently introduce them to bath/shower, dryers, brushes/combs, having their nails clipped and ears cleaned as well as the sound of the clippers and scissors. It is important for the puppy to be comfortable with all these procedures.


The amount of trimming at this age will depend on your puppy’s coat but generally we find most puppies only need face, bum, feet & nails done. All puppies vary & some will take longer to become comfortable with the whole grooming process. We will give honest feedback on how your puppy takes to his/her groom & recommend how often they should come for grooming as well as advise the best grooming brushes, combs etc to use at home!





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